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JJ's Jerky


About Our Gourmet Jerky

--100% Beef

--Hand trimmed, marinated, and dried

--Homemade low-fat recipe with no MSG,  no nitrates, or fillers


--Always fresh - we recommend consuming within 1 week or freeze and save for later - if it lasts that long!!

--Caution - habit forming!

Packed up and ready to go!

Packed up and ready to go!



"I honestly have NEVER tasted anything like it!  
Best jerky ever!"

"JJ's has the ideal texture - it's perfectly chewy, not hard and brittle."

"This is my favorite source of lean protein.  Gives me the energy I need at work in the afternoon."

"I crave this!!"

"Wonderfully spicy and savory, not too sweet - please don't ever change the blends of herbs and spices used in the recipe!"

"The nibs are the best!!"


Our Story

Over 30 years ago, Jim Jones decided to try his hand in creating the perfect beef jerky for his family and friends.  After many blind taste tests, the unanimous vote went to what you taste in this recipe!!  

So...now due to popular demand, we at JJ's are excited to share with everyone what we've enjoyed for years.  One taste and we're confident you'll agree it's the very best!!